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Hold on tight, this is going to be a bumpy ride

Bull River Front.jpg

Welcome to the Deep South, where the nights are long and the conspiracies run as deep as the Mighty Mississippi!

Holt Walker and his sister, Shelly, are doing their best to prove that a murderous bull shark is the culprit for a host of bodies that have been found in their section of the Mississippi River. While their investigation hasn't been entirely fruitful, they do happen to stumble into a drug running operation that the FBI is trying to shut down.

Agent Talia Bordeaux is desperate. This case is personal to her and she's willing to enlist anyone who can help her bring down the scum exporting meth down the Mississippi, out through New Orleans. That includes a shark obsessed marine biologist and his street smart sister...

Join the three of them as they navigate the bloody waters of the south in an attempt to stop the drug runners and get to the bottom of the bull shark mystery. Big Pharmaceuticals, government conspiracies, and even a category four hurricane are awaiting our trio as they try not to drown in Bull River Blues!

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