K.G. Croston

Debut author K.G. Croston loves to read what she writes - mysteries! A mom of two boys (yes, one of them happens to be Jeremy), she enjoys spending time with her grandson, Jak, visiting Disney World, and taking her beloved Chinese Crested Sparky out for walks. Her husband, Tony, doesn't have a single writing bone in his body, but he provides plenty of comic relief!

K.G. retired from Disney in 2017 and has enjoyed a much more relaxing lifestyle. She is happy to bring her series, K.G. Mysteries, to readers of all ages and walks of life.

The Latest from K.G.
Mystery at Maple Tree Inn

In our latest installment of K.G. Mysteries, we head to Vermont over Christmas...Bella and Lauren are going to spend Christmas with her deceased father's family for the first time since he passed away. Bella, a freshmen in college, is a bit apprehensive as she wanted to spend the break with her friend, Tiffany. Lauren, feeling as if she has neglected her husband's side, wants to make things right this Christmas. Once they get there, they realize it was the right decision.However, as they enjoy the holidays, strange occurrences begin to happen all around Maple Tree Inn. Strange shadows, mysterious food wrappers, and surprise attacks begin to plague the trip. Who, or what, is behind these inexplicable happenings? Will everyone have a happy Christmas morning or is something devious going to end the fun early?Come spend Christmas with K.G. Croston and gather around the fire for this unique holiday read!

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Mystery at Maple Tree Inn