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Parker Latterell

Parker Latterell lives in Orlando, Florida with his family and a stormtrooper named Herman. When not writing out of this world stories, he can be found designing all sorts of amazing Lego inspired artwork, scoping the internet for the most ridiculous memes possible, and avoiding high school homework like it's his job (he's a high school sophomore, so it just might be his job..). If you would like to know more about his Timeless series, please feel free to send him an email at, attention Parker Latterell.

The Latest from Parker

The galaxy is at war again. Wallon Jaros is dead and with it his evil ambitions to rule the Milky Way. However, in his death, a new evil has arisen from the depths of space. A zombie outbreak is now plaguing the solar system and there is no way to stop it. Not without the help of Jago Maxx.But no one has seen or heard from Jago since that fateful duel with Wallon.That leaves Ace Skipper and Richard Maxx in charge. Recruiting a hacker in the name of OddSnow and using the resources that a rebuilt Ingenius Souls organization can offer, Ace and Richard are bound and determined to find Jago and use his knowledge and power to end the zombie army.However, they have to hurry. The zombies will soon have access to the one corpse that will turn the tide of war towards their favor - Wallon Jaros!

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