Legendary creatures and myths take shape

Demons in D.C..jpg

Every so often, a demon decides to change the world. This time, the stakes are much higher; there’s a Greed demon just steps away from the White House. Beelzebub, one of the lords of Hell, knows about an artifact that only the President of the United States has access to. If he gets it, Hell will return to Earth with a vengeance. 

With nowhere else to turn, the horseman Death has been called in to remedy the situation. With his faithful sidekick and steed, Khloros, he’s going to face adversity from foes in which he was never prepared. Can the Pale Rider find his inner strength? Or will it take a Lust demon named Roxanne to unlock what he once had?

In the Nyx of Time.jpg

Life for Derrick Grimm after the whole Beelzebub fiasco is going pretty good. Well, it was going good until an angel named Veronica shows up at his front door and begs for his help to find a lost Nyx (a lesser feline sex demon). What starts off as a simple retrieval mission turns into something much more sinister.

The Arch-Demons in Hell are restless. With the defeat of Beelzebub at the hands of Death (aka our boy Derrick), Astaroth and Mammon come up with a plan to open the gates of Tartarus and use Abaddon as their weapon against the eldest horseman. All they need to accomplish their task is the Crown Princess of the Nyx Kingdom as a sacrifice.

Once again, it’s time to saddle up with Derrick, Roxanne, and Khloros as they travel all over the world (with Derrick’s brother War in tow) in the hopes of protecting our new Nyx friend from the evils of Hell. But is the Nyx all she’s cracked up to be? And are Astaroth and Mammon the real dangers to worry about? There’s only one way to find out – Let’s Ride!

Abaddon Rising.jpg

Just when Derrick Grimm thought it was safe to relax in his little slice of Mexican paradise, the horsemen are called back into action. Dante, the crass angry angel, has taken it upon himself to invade Tartarus with one goal: kill Abaddon once and for all. Knowing he’ll need an army, he’s recruited all four horsemen (unwillingly), Veronica, and Azrael.

But before the mission can even begin, Michael shows up and gives Derrick another task – infiltrate Hell and retrieve the Morningstar Blade, a weapon personally blessed by the Almighty with the power to slay the Arch-Fiend. There’s just one issue with that, it’s Lucifer’s personal blade. With all these impossible missions being tossed around, Derrick and company are going to need some miracles.

Come along on our third adventure! New faces join the crowd and some old friends turn up in the most trying of times. Time isn’t on our side to prevent the Abaddon Rising!

Sins of the Father.jpg

Fifteen years have passed since Derrick Grimm, Roxanne, and his son Oz went into exile. They never stayed in one place too long, for fear that the Hell witch Sabrina would find them. But as Oz grew older, Derrick decided to go to the one place he felt most comfortable – Philadelphia. Their peace does not last forever though. Derrick’s long lost son Jacoby reaches out to him, threatens his wellbeing and sends the Grimms off on one last adventure.

To stop Sabrina, they’ll need help from Arch-Demons, strange and annoying creatures, and possibly even a little intervention from the Almighty himself. Come along for the final adventure starring your favorite horseman as he tries to stop the apocalypse one last time. The fate of the world is in Derrick Grimm’s hands! Oh my, we’re screwed…

Witches of Oz.jpg

The Grimm family is back in the first of two new adventures, but this time it is Derrick's son Oz leading the way!

After leaving the Garden of Eden in search of his half brother, Jacoby, Oz is thrust into a mission of pure insanity. Merlin, the millennia old wizard himself, recruits Oz to track Morgan Le Fey, a witch of pure evil and hate, through time. With Morgan recruiting Jacoby, he immediately signs up.

Joined by the wacky Zane Twins, a sexy angel named Tyra, and the immortal pirate, Argus Fletcher, Oz and friends land in the early 80's on Key West. The adventure is hot, the ladies are smoking' and the action is downright witchy!