Science Fiction

When the lines between reality and fiction blur

When Space Force commander Wallon Jaros decides that New Earth and the terrorist group, Ingenius Souls, are no longer worth the hassle, he destroys the planet. Mad with power, the future of the solar system is at great risk.With no one left to turn to, the fearless team of Jago Maxx and Ace Skipper are called into action in their ship, Dauntless. They will have to overcome personal loss and tragedy if they are take Jaros down.

The galaxy is at war again. Wallon Jaros is dead and with it his evil ambitions to rule the Milky Way. However, in his death, a new evil has arisen from the depths of space. A zombie outbreak is now plaguing the solar system and there is no way to stop it. Not without the help of Jago Maxx. But no one has seen or heard from Jago since that fateful duel with Wallon. That leaves Ace Skipper and Richard Maxx in charge. Recruiting a hacker in the name of OddSnow and using the resources that a rebuilt Ingenius Souls organization can offer, Ace and Richard are bound and determined to find Jago and use his knowledge and power to end the zombie army.However, they have to hurry. The zombies will soon have access to the one corpse that will turn the tide of war towards their favor - Wallon Jaros!

"With a city at war, how far is a hero willing to go the line to save it?”

Two years ago, a powerful super known only as The Negative Man brought Pacific Station to the brink of destruction. No one dared stand in his way… that is until the arrival of a new hero: The Dark Lion. Another super with the abilities to match up against The Negative Man, the two of them waged guerilla warfare against each other. Most battles ended in a stalemate, until they met one last fateful time in Waves Park.

Their final battle was vicious, neither man willing to give the other a step. Just when it looked like only more chaos would come from their fighting, something unexpected happened: The Negative Man disappeared. Months went by and without a sign of his return, the city slowly returned back to normal. Unfortunately, new evil has taken hold; one in the form of a gang of supers known as The Aces. Led by their charismatic leader, Spades, they have replaced The Negative Man as the faces of terror and destruction. 

Once again The Dark Lion is called into duty - to do the dirty, to do what’s necessary. But questions remain: who are the men behind the masks that The Aces wear? And does The Negative Man still lurk, just out of sight?

“When a super operating at maximum capacity is hit by a force that has broken the sound barrier, the resulting fallout would be known as The Stormfall. The energy discharged by such an occurrence would potentially have the same effects of a nuclear bomb. However, in certain cases, the destruction and loss of life would be worth it. There are some supers who were never meant to exist.” – Dr. Leonard Cooper, The Stormfall Theory 

The Dark Lion is dead. With their protector gone, Pacific Station has been left to the mercy of The Negative Man, or has it? 

The police, led by Chief Grimes, have an ally of their own – one that can equal The Negative Man in both skill and power. That’s not all. In the shadows lurks another, one born to take up the yellow cloak and the weight it carries. But he too carries a burden, one of revenge. Can the Son of the Lion cast aside his hate for the greater good or is it his destiny to unleash The Stormfall?

Much isn’t known how Jericho Staley came to work with The Dark Lion. In Prelude to Chaos, those questions are finally answered.

Set before City of Chaos, the beginnings of the vigilante team that will change Pacific Station forever are explored. From Jericho stumbling into the Lion’s Lair to their first case together: finding a stolen plutonium core.

Prelude to Chaos is a prequel, yet it will lead us into this spring’s release of Legends Can Die. Many things are unfolding in The Negative Man saga… but it is what happens at the beginning that shapes everything.

*Reader warning - Prelude to Chaos should be enjoyed after the events of City of Chaos and Stormfall, as major plot points are given away.

“The mind is a fragile thing; one minute everything is working as it should and the next, it is shattered into a million pieces. What triggers these occurrences, though? Some say an event that significantly damages the body will do it. Other experts hypothesize when the mind is overloaded with traumatic events, it will eventually shut down and restart. I can only imagine what kind of life one has to live for that to occur.” – Dr. Craig Sanders, Black Lagoon Penitentiary

Liberation Day – The day Pacific Station's newest hero, The Morning Lynx, defeated The Negative Man in combat. It wasn’t without its tragedies, however. The city had been saved, but at what cost?

Three years later, the wounds have healed but the fallout from that day still lingers. The Negative Man, comatose at Black Lagoon, wakes up. His mind is broken and his powers are gone. This should be cause for celebration, yet another dark cloud is forming off in the distance. Ronald Victory, Secretary of Defense, has a plan for his country, one that involves the removal of all powered people – no matter the cost.

In an ironic twist, the city that once wanted to rid itself of The Negative Man plague now needs him. If he is to remember who he is, both old friends and new foes alike will need to join forces to bring him back to power. Yet, as we know, there will be consequences to taking up the mantle again. Their exploits may live on, but even Legends Can Die.

The final chapter of The Negative Man series is here!

Eight years after killing Ronald Victory and being presumed dead, Jericho Staley is once again brought back into the fold by his Black Lagoon cellmates. This time, current President Davy Whisnant has picked up where Victory left off; he will stop at nothing to eliminate future generations of powered people and he wants Jericho's help doing so.

President Whisnant isn't the only player in the game. A mystery meta, Volkkenkruger has chosen to reveal himself to the world. With his disciples - Fate, Destiny, and Providence, he hopes to begin a war that will do just the opposite, put powered people at the top of the food chain.

With Jericho stuck in the middle, the time is drawing near and choices need to be made. Where do The Negative Man's loyalties lie and is it possible for a villain to get his happily ever after?