A bit of love and happily ever after

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Inanna Ruthe Preston – to some people she’s just an adopted girl who’s paranoid and a bit sheltered. She doesn’t like to show herself, she’d rather hide in the shadows of her friends. Plus, she constantly thinks she’s being watched, but really; is she?

Maybe she is. And one day, soon, her uncertain feelings are going to come true. A soft blue light over the ocean, a chance encounter with a handsome young man named Zech, and the mysterious Ria who shows up at all the right moments, all of it will change her life. Inanna’s answers were always right there, she just needed to look Beyond the Stars to see them.

In a story of love, friendship, and the beginnings of a galactic rebellion, Beyond the Stars: The Lost Childis the first chapter of Inanna’s journey. Follow along with her as she grows into the woman she was meant to be and finds the man she was destined to be with. With so much at stake, even the smallest wrong decision can have infinite consequences.

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Inanna Ruthe Preston is stuck in a trance.
She is stranded on a planet far from Earth.
She’s home, on Cova.
With the return of the Lost Child, a plot millennium in the making is beginning to take shape. Cova is dying; the disease to the very core of the planet is growing worse each and every day. If nothing is done soon, there will be no rescue of this wonderful and mysterious planet.
However, there are many agendas at play. Kah, the evil warlord of Kahnrock, will stop at nothing to gain control of both princesses and make sure Cova is reshaped in his twisted image. With Ria playing both sides of the fence, Kah’s chances of success continue to rise.
The only hope to stop this is Inanna. Will her powers awaken in time? Will Zech be the one to unleash the Lost Child? To be the Covian the planet needs to survive? 
The only way to find out is to continue venturing Beyond the Stars!