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Darkness Falls Over Europe...

Vlad Dracul, known as The Impaler, rules over Europe from the night with an iron fist. He's made his deal with Satan and acquired the powers of the vampyre. With black magic and his daemonic army, his path to the creation of Drakovia seems inevitable...

Except his brother, Radu, also became a creature of the night. Using his own vampyric nature to combat Vlad, Radu aligns himself with a young hunter and a blind Seer. Together, the three of them are the final hope to make sure Vlad's vile plans of dominion are never realized.

Return to the late 1700's and enter a world straight from your nightmares. Join Radu, Maximus Brinza, and Abigail as they combat all manner of dark creature and their own pasts. In an era where the Bible was the only book read and where the church was the most important institution, can our three comrades protect the Vatican or will it fall to Vlad's Malice of the Cross?

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The world is at war. 
With Hitler and the Nazi army ravaging Europe, a secret Reich is being formed – fueled by dark magic that Vlad Dracul himself discovered centuries ago. Under the lead of the ruthless Gerhard Koenig, the Seventh Reich is the final tool Hitler needs to achieve total dominion of the world.
The goal that Vlad himself once held.
However, the Brinza clan still is around. Castor, a young, hotheaded Texan, has taken the mantle of daemon hunter. With help from his ancient uncle, Radu, and his ageless grandmother, Julia, he is the last obstacle in Koenig’s way.
Be prepared to travel all over the world in this newest epic Drakovia adventure. Can Castor dispel the evil shadow of Vlad? Or is the world doomed to fall into the Hellfire?