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God Pods: malevolent fruit that sprung forth from the Hellbreak, called forth by Azazel himself. With his council of six also free, Azazel 's evil plot to infect the world is now in motion.

Yet there are those willing to fight back. Fate has chosen its warriors; from all corners of the world and all walks of life. Each must come to grips with what is being asked of him or her. Will they have the strength to challenge Azazel's Apostles? Or will their resolve crumble in the face of adversity?

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Old and new friends alike join together on Raeth in an attempt to unravel the darkness shrouding their world. Will the powers of shamans, druids, and witches be enough to loose the Dark Lord's hold over the guardians of old?

While the warriors of light battle to foil Azazel's abilities to continue using corrupted God Pods in an age old struggle of good versus evil, the people of Raeth await their fate. Will it be cruel slavery promised by the demon Azazel and his henchmen or the freedom to walk the land in peace?

An epic adventure continues in The Returned! Are you brave enough to stand up to the Demon Lord with us?

Wolves of Valhalla


Jack Skelton is a recent divorcée who is trying to find his way in life. He lost his mother years ago and now, just recently, his father’s gone off the grid. At least he has his hockey team, the Manchester Bears. Through the support of his teammates, Jack continues to make the most of his rather mundane, yet satisfying life. Yet something pulls at him, as if there was a little more just beyond his reach.


In another, far off realm, war is building. The Aesir, led by the insufferable Odin, are on the brink of declaring an all-out offensive against the Dark Elves. Rumil Darklighter, daughter of one of the most powerful elves, is bound and determined to stop this, at any cost. Knowing key information through espionage, she sets out to stop the Aesir and save her home.

Fate has it in store that these two individuals from opposite realms find each other. Can a human and a Dark Elf overcome adversity, cultural differences, and betrayal to save not just Svartalfheim, but save all the realms from Ragnarök, the Twilight of the Gods?

The puck’s about to drop and you’re invited to enjoy The Wolves of Valhalla!


“Finally, a story that doesn’t make me out to be some homicidal maniac! – Loki, the Trickster
“A book that makes Dark Elves cool and sexy? Sign me up!” – Rumil Darklighter (Dark Elf)
“Why am I not featured more in the promotion? I am the Allfather for love of Yggdrasil!” – Odin, the Allfather (as he so kindly reminded us)
“I just read this story and I am most pleased. I shall not have to smite this Croston fellow.” – Thor, the Thunderer